How to Know If a Guy Will Miss You If You Provide Him Space? Follow These Tips Right Now

There is no guaranteed way to tell if your guy is going to miss you if you give him space or not. But if you are in a committed relationship giving your man space is one of the best things that you can do to keep the spark of your relationship alive. Here are a few ways to make sure that you give your guy space the right way and that makes him miss you more.

Going away is essential to make him see things
Sometimes you have to leave for a little while to make a man see that you are now an indispensable part of his life. If he has been taking you for granted giving him some alone time will make him see your real value.

Make him see what he shall be missing
Before you plan to leave and give him some space make sure you have a good time with your man. You need to be sure that he is happy with you and that you both don’t have a fight. The space shouldn’t be construed as a break. If you do so your man will surely miss you when you are gone.

Be trusting of your man
Make your man see that you trust him completely and are secure in your relationship with him. That will put an added responsibility on your man as he will have no reason to defy you. When he sees that you trust him then he misses you a lot.

Keep yourself peacefully occupied
When you are away from your man it becomes essential that you keep yourself peacefully occupied. Otherwise you might end up calling your man too often and the purpose of giving him space gets defeated.

Don’t demand his time when you are giving him space
When you are giving your man space demanding that he misses you or making him feel guilty of not calling you isn’t going to make him miss you. Instead if you make him feel free and leave it up to him to call you, you will see that he will begin to miss you a lot.

Call him but not too often
Giving space doesn’t mean completely disconnecting. You should call your man but you need to space it out so that you give him the chance to miss you.

Sound happy when you speak to him
When you are giving your man space and want him to miss you then whenever you speak to him you should sound contended and happy. That will trigger nice memories of you and will make him miss you.

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